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The upper Elehera Canal project, which carries the water from Moragahakanda reservoir to Hurulu wewa and Mahakandarawa Wewa is funded by ADB and the contractor is China State Engineering Construction Corporation.

Along the canal line, a 27km long section is traced trough a forest reservation. In this section, water caries through a tunnel with 27km in length.

Starting and end locations of the tunnel is at Elehera and Mahameegaswewa. (Habarana). The tunnel is form by using two TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machine). One TBM operating from Elehera to Habarana Direction and other one from Habarana to Elehera direction.

For transport the two TBM parts to tunnel portals, two roads have to be improved one at Elehera, one at Palugaswewa, length are 4km and 11.5km including new 20 long PSC beam bridge is designed by ED&PMC.

Apart from that design of tunnel segments, invert segments, gantry crane rails are design by ED&PMC

Client: China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd
Commencement date: June 2021
Period: 20 Months
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Preparation of Road Reservation & Drainage Maps and Collecting Details of Existing Drainage System & Identifying Required Drainage Improvements of National Highways and Expressways and Presenting the Details in GIS Format in Western, North-Western, and Sabaragamuwa Provinces (Package 01)

The project is carried out under world bank funds to survey and prepare road reservations and drainage maps for 4122km roads within Western, North Western, and Sabaragamuwa Provinces.

Road Development Authority (RDA) , is the employer of the project and it is carried out under Transport Connectivity and Assets Management Project.  We, ED&PMC have implemented Unmanned Aerial vehicles, Drone technology to carry out the surveying works, and Advanced GIS technologies are used to process data and produce maps.

Client : Road Development Authority, Sri Lanka
Period: 20 Months
Commencement date: June 2021
Location: Western Province, Northwestern Province, Sabaragamuwa Province
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